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The 4 Stages of m3i


Step 1: Mindset

Participants will learn to advance their mindset for financial literacy

Step 2: Minimalism

Participants will gain an understanding of need vs. want for better spending decisions.

Step 3: Money Management

Participants will get hands-on experience with budgeting and real life situations

Step 4: Investment

Participants will get practical experience with investing

How does it work?


Online learning platform w/ adaptive learning methodologies

  • 1-Week Program: High-level overview of m3i covering all 4 areas

  • 8-Week Program (i.e. elective for college/high school)

  • 16-Week Program (i.e. elective for college/high school)


Workshop(s)/Speaking Engagements

  • 1 day speaking engagement (1-3 hours)

  • 1-3 day interactive, hands-on workshop


Words from the Founder

Program Objectives


  • Focusing on financial literacy

  • Delivering a wide range of content for both grade school students, and young adults 

  • Prepares students with a more interactive and engaging dashboard



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